Customized for your business

We create tailormade solutions based on the needs of your business.

Built by our dedicated team

We’re here to take all the unnecessary hassle out of your team’s workflow.

Our team will work together with you to identify the tools you’re missing and build them for you. The right plugins can automate the operational tasks that are holding back your company’s growth.

Work smarter

We can build the tools that your business is missing. Our team will support the specific needs of your team and save you valuable time.

Sellercloud has helped hundreds of companies each meet their unique business goals.


Here are some examples of how our custom plugins can simplify your workflow: • Automate carrier assignment to shipments based on custom criteria (weight, destination, value, channel, etc.) • Apply complex pricing logic based on your rules • Integrate with sales channels or websites that are not standard • Produce custom PDF packing slips and invoices • Integrate with 3PLs for shipping and logistics • Generate custom reports for catalog, inventory, and sales • Automate your dropshipping workflow • Integrate with third-party repricers that are not standard • Produce custom labels for warehousing needs • Customize labels for FBA shipments • Automate Multi-Channel Fulfillment from FBA as per your custom requirements • Customize your per-channel inventory levels as needed

Customization limitations

Customizations do have limitations: • They can’t alter the user interface • Elements of the system that are used by the rest of our client base can’t be modified • Plugins won’t be implemented if they may have an adverse effect on the client account • Responsible development takes time and complex requests may take more time than expected • There are instances where we won’t take on customization requests.*

Request a customization

Here are the steps for requesting a plugin: • Submit a detailed request outlining the need that you’re trying to address and the solution that you have in mind • We’ll review your guidelines and propose an estimate with a price range of the final cost • The estimate is reviewed by you and approved with a deposit to be made towards the estimate • Coding’s completed and tested by our development team • The work is reviewed, tested and approved by you • The remaining balance is paid

*All customization requests are performed at our discretion. We reserve the right to reject requests as we see fit.

Get the flexibility you need. Request a customization.


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© 2010-2022 Sellercloud®