HSN integration

Take advantage of the selling power of one of the biggest multimedia retailers in the world.

Key Features

Listing publisher and updates

Easily publish new product listings and update pricing in HSN and across all your channels.

Seamless inventory updates

Sellercloud automatically updates your HSN inventory once an order is placed.

Order download and tracking

Download all your HSN orders and receive order tracking updates directly from Sellercloud.

Export HSN order data to QuickBooks

Stay on top of your finances by exporting all your HSN order data to QuickBooks.

HSN formatted packing slips

Use packing slips that are formatted specifically for HSN.

Expand your reach

Grow your business to more channels and reach new audiences.

Keep accurate stock levels

Know what you have across all channels at all times.

Make data-driven decisions

Gain insight into your best-selling products with our reports.

Get low stock alerts

Prevent overselling with Sellercloud’s low-stock alerts.

Sell on HSN with Sellercloud

HSN formerly known as the Home Shopping Network is one of the largest multimedia retailers in the world. The HSN television network and online retail platform offer customers a wide range of fashion, beauty, electronics, and home products. Featuring your product on HSN opens you to a vast sales potential and audience reach.

Sellerlcoud lets you seamlessly integrate with NSN’s online outlet and control all of your sales channels from one centralized platform. Add new products to your HSN catalog without ever leaving Sellercloud. You can download all your inventory, prices, orders, and track your shipments within Sellercloud. Our custom invoice format lets you print the packing slips provided by HSN with ease.

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© 2010-2022 Sellercloud®