Manage customer orders from multiple channels with Sellercloud’s Order Management Solution

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Sellercloud helps you manage every step of your order process. Your orders are automatically downloaded from all sales channels and can be easily managed and fulfilled from a single interface.

Shipping confirmation, including tracking, is automatically submitted to the appropriate channel. It can also be sent directly to the buyer via email.

Order returns are fully managed through Sellercloud, including return shipping labels, refunds, and exchanges. Upon receipt of the returned merchandise, inventory can be either returned to stock for sale or processed for return to the vendor.

Manage all channel sales from a single interface

One dashboard for all your sales orders. Filters help you target the data that you need.

Automatically import orders

Easily import orders and automatically keep channels updated with live inventory availability.

Automatically update shipping and tracking

Update channels with shipping confirmation and tracking data.

Auto-generate order emails

Customers receive automatic emails with the status of their orders.

Manage refunds fоr any channel

Control and complete refund requests and cancelations across the most popular channels.

Track P&L on a per order basis

Get to the bottom of your bottom line.

Backorder functionality

As soon as backordered inventory becomes available, orders are released in chronological order.

Track serial numbers

Scan serial numbers of serialized items before shipping. Ensure accuracy and prevent fraud when customers return serialized items.

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© 2010-2022 Sellercloud®

© 2010-2022 Sellercloud®